Jeondeungsa (전등사)

Modern life moves at such a fast pace that so often I’m either too busy or too tired (or well, sometimes too lazy) to stop for a while and simply observe and reflect on myself. And because of that, I’m so glad and grateful for the experience I had doing temple stay at Jeondeungsa (전등사).DSC_1139DSC_1142DSC_1148DSC_1163DSC_1167DSC_1172DSC_1177DSC_1182DSC_1186DSC_1196The 108-bow ceremony, simple meals (and how everyone was serious about not wasting food), morning ritual, meditation, grass removing, a nice walk in nature all made me more humble. Tea time with Su-nim was relaxing yet at the same time thought provoking. To be honest, I don’t understand much about religions or philosophy or the art of meditation, and Su-nim’s answers were not all that satisfying to me. Yet, simply sitting down, sipping tea and allowing myself to think, to raise questions and try to answer them is worthy. How many times have we forgotten to think and hence made mistakes? How often do we focus on our problems and forget to help and care for others? And can we be happy when others are not?…

Someone once said everything we do can be considered meditation, it’s just whether we realize it or not. Perhaps life is not that fast paced, if we know how to stop and focus on our true self. Perhaps there is another way of living.

Come and experience temple stay at Jeondeungsa (전등사) at least once, for the mesmerizing landscape, the comfy beautiful stay, the nice humble people and mostly, for our reflection.

서울숲 (Seoul Forest)


Sping is here, fresh with bright colors, pleasant fragrant and the cool breezes chasing pinkish petals in the warmth of April sunlight.

I have been through four Springs in Seoul, and yet, every time, she still makes me happy and more than eager to go out, to breathe, to feel that there is no better time to start something new and exciting.

항동철길 (Hangdong railroad)


Spring is almost here. This is perhaps my last trip this winter. Hangdong railroad, not really picturesque, not in my must-visit list, but its serenity and simplicity made me forget a little, and remember a little. Walking down the rail track somehow reminded me of my hometown, like it was waiting for me at the end of the road.

Spring is coming, the weather is getting warmer, which also means I will spend more time on travelling, again, to further and perhaps more eye-catching places. Yet, I do appreciate trips to unknown places like this.



Winter in Seoul

For me, winter in Seoul is calm and not bitter, with a bit of wind, a bit of sunlight, and smiles from the old man jogging by Han river or the excited kids about to slide down the small hill in the park…

Winter in Seoul is blue, but with a shade of grey, or is it because this is the first time I stay here and miss Tet in my hometown?

Winter in Seoul sometimes seems longer than it is supposed to be, or is it just me, longing for something far far away?



Olympic Park – and Autumn


This weekend an unusual cold visited Seoul, which well,was not very welcomed by many people. Recently the weather in Korea has been a little harsh anyway (indeed, 2016 is the hottest year on record. And last year it also experienced one of the coldest winters).

But then for me, this sudden cold put a smile on my face when I walked through Olympic Park. It reminded me of Lyon’s October, my walk in Parc de la Tête d’Or, my friend Aurelie, and well, the good old days I spent in Europe. Shortly, but nicely.

Oh, and I love the kids I ran into in the Olympic Park. The cold had no effect on their happiness nor their eagerness to enjoy their outdoor activities. Some were a little hyperactive and overexcited (which scared me at one point I would say. Look at that little girl on the swing. I was afraid she would be thrown up in the air like a little fur ball from that swing. But well, they wouldn’t be kids if they weren’t like that).